Mecha and Kodomo Anime, Pop Culture, and Mass Environmentalism.

The Top Down Transmission of Ecological Ideas in the Decades of the Ecological Crisis (1960-1990)


The hypothesis behind this project is that there may be a connection between the success of consumer cartoons and the affirmation of mass environmentalism. The study moves from the concept of mobility turn and from the fact that there are many forms of imaginative mobility: one of these concerns the ecological ideas for which we can imagine a path that goes from the United States (Carson, Ehrlich, Meadows, Commoner ...) to Japan and from Japan to the rest of the world in the form of animated stories. The aim is to suggest a different perspective to examine a complex, neuralgic and divisive theme such as the environment (and its political declination, environmentalism) by inserting them in a vast cultural and social context.

PRIN 2017: The 'invention' of the environment: relations between experts and political decision makers in Italy (1960-1990)

The historical-environmental literature - both in Italy and abroad - has dealt only sporadically with the relationship that is established between experts, politics and institutions, although the issues concerning the environment and the territory present a high technical complexity. The scarcity of studies on the relationship between experts and politics could be related to the epistemological difficulties encountered by the history of the environment in affirming its status as a new discipline deriving from the hybridization of technical-scientific and historical-social knowledge, as well as to the current pre-eminence of an ecocentric-militant approach that contributes to alienating those scholars interested in studying environmental issues, but not equally inclined to produce a historiography that identifies itself as a sort of academic rib of political environmentalism whose parable it has been increasingly characterized in a minority and antagonist sense.
This research aims to provide a first analysis of the relationship between experts and political decision makers in Italy in the years between the economic miracle and the start of environmental restoration policies in the second half of the 1980s.